“My daughter loved Ruth.
Thanks for keeping these
studies so biblical
and interesting.”
-Heidi Grable

Learn from some real characters.

Joshua: Strong and Courageous

Lydia of Philippi: Believer in the Lord

Ruth and Boaz:  Woman of Excellence, Man of Honor           

 Peter: Rock Star from Galilee


Teen Bible Studies by Sherree G. Funk



josh example -- bible studies for teens


Eager to help, a little impatient, not quite ready to lead. Observant, honest, strong. Excellent memory.

lydia circle -- bible studies for teens


 Smart and social, knows how to have fun. Wants to change the world with a business mind and a generous heart.

ruthie circle -- bible studies for teens


Super loyal, very caring. She is new to the community, trying to fit in. Works hard for her family.


peter circle -- bible studies for teens


Jumps first, thinks later. Easily distracted.  Makes big promises he can’t keep. Great personality.

Find your life reflected in the stories of Bible personalities.

Author Sherree G. Funk

Sherree Funk

25 years Bible teaching – all ages

Asbury Seminary trained

Over 10 years teaching teens

Great sense of humor appeals to middle schoolers

Storytelling draws highschoolers into the Biblical drama

Available for consultation

Give teens a fresh, deep look at the Bible.

Reader Reviews

“These studies are outstanding! The way Sherree brings the student directly into the reality of the times, the people, and the story line as it relates to God’s sovereignty and direction in history is so key — and so necessary for kids to understand Who their God really is.”

– Craig Anderson, Minneapolis, MN


“The writing and format of these studies is so engaging.  I think they will be very effective in helping teens learn and apply the Bible.”

– Todd Bolen, Assoc. Prof. of Bible, The Master’s College, Israel


“I was impressed with the way Sherree incorporates a new concept with the music component of Peter Rock Star from Galilee. She includes a playlist of songs that goes along perfectly with the theme of each chapter. Music speaks volumes to teens. To incorporate it into Bible study just amplifies the learning.”

— Melanie Ski, Blogger

“The ‘shining like stars’ points in Lydia were things teenagers could really latch onto as they put their faith into practice in today’s world. Every chapter offered something valuable. For young people today, hearing about rejoicing in all circumstances would probably be a new idea — and it is something I have always struggled with.”

–Theresa Butler, Houston, TX

“I am grateful to the Lord for how He has led you in writing these studies. They fill a great need in the body of Christ. Thank you.”

– Margaret Algya, Columbia, MO

“Ruth and Boaz would be valuable to any young person who may have to move to a new place, or who must care for a parent or loved one. The pictures helped me visualize the events of the story of Ruth.”

— Sandra Lesher, Sewickley, PA